So Ive been using the NLA Editor recently and I've come across a common problem. So I made an action strip called "walkCycle" and I put it on the NLA track called "walking".

Now I worked on the animation for a while and then I wanted to use the same action strip on the same NLA Track. However when I put the strip on the track and play the animation it doesn't work. And it wont work on any other track EXCEPT the top one. Top left hand corner, the second "walkCycle" wont work

None of my action strips work in the "Walking" NLA Track


You do everything fine and the effect, that you're getting is what you would expect. The order of playing animations in NLA is from top to bottom, but the dark strip after animation strip ends means, that this channel holds that animation on whole of this channel even after the strip ends. To change that and enable lower strips to play after upper finishes, you need to change Extrapolation to Nothing (check the gif below) enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Thankyou Very Much. Phew I was really worried that i had done something wrong, thanks for the explanation I really appreciate it $\endgroup$ – StanCEmpire Dec 31 '17 at 4:18

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