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So I'm trying to create a flat 3D world map from a .svg file which I grabbed from this site: https://www.vecteezy.com/vector-art/169563-vector-3d-global-world-map

I've imported it to Blender and did some research on how to create a 3D object from this by filling with shape. However, it does not fill all the countries only a bit on the top and I am wondering what's wrong?

This is how it looks (when the "curve" layer is not seen, note there are two layers "curve" and "curve.001" if you try this yourself):

Current look

I'm also wondering if it would be possible to create each country into it's own 3D object?


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It's because a huge amount of self-intersections: enter image description here and lots of vertex(100 thousand). So you need to simplify this map, or maybe, find a map that less complex?

So, to manage this task, I use Inkscape, as a svg editor.

  1. In Inkscape go through groups by doble-clicking on map while status bar will say, that you selected the curve.

  2. Next - simplify curve Ctrl + L or in menu Curve

  3. Next, beat a self-intersections. Break apart curve by Shift + Ctrl +K (menu Object) and Boolean union Ctrl + + (menu Object)

  4. Finally, export in blender. After operations in Inkscape, object still buggy:

enter image description here

but in my case, there is only 3 places with intersections, that I need to fix:

enter image description here

Just move one vertex a little bit:

enter image description here

Or delete:

enter image description here

And how to find those dots:

enter image description here

Search for very top point where model starts to go wrong.


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