I am currently working on a animated short film. And I have some problems regarding the rendering.

My goal ist to have two Renderlayer: 1. Environment/Background; 2. Animated Character + Shadow;

So I want to save Rendertime, by rendering der Background only once and the character + shadow full. That would be a huge timesaver for me and if in some shots the animation have to be rerendered, then I have to do this only for the character.

The Problem: Rendering of the Beauty – Envrionment and Character rendered together – shadows correct

enter image description here Combined Renderlayer – Environment and Character + Shadow rendered seperately – shadows incorrect

enter image description here Render Layer Setup

I also tried to dublicate the environment to block the light – that works but the dublicated environment throws than also shadows on the Environment where Shadow Catcher is enabled.

Is this currently a problem of Cycles? Would be great if someone can help me out there! Hope the problem became understandable I attached the blendfile with the example.

Merry Christmas!

Best regards



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