I am trying to find out how to approach a relief type project. I have a background image and a flat plane mesh to sculpt on, but I actually donĀ“t see any changes looking straight on top. When I tilt the perspective a bit the image disappears.

Is there a way to make the image appear at all perspectives?


Background images will only be displayed in

Camera Prespective view (Numpad 0)

Any of the Preset Orthographic views

  • Front/Back (Numpad 1 or CtrlNumpad 1)

  • Right /Left (Numpad 3 or CtrlNumpad 3)

  • Top/Bottom (Numpad 7 or CtrlNumpad 7)

Background images will not show in perspective view.

To switch between Perspective and Orthographic view use Numpad 5

Background images are used for reference only and will not be part of the final render.

Alternatives to background images are to use an empty as image or using a plane with the image mapped to it.

To use an empty as image use Add> Empty >Image

enter image description here

Select the image in the properties->Empty->Display tab

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can use the image as background for the world. Set the Texture coordinates to Window.

enter image description here


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