I keep encountering a problem, I started modeling 3 months ago and I keep reachign dead-ends because of n-gons. Currently I am working on something that should become a claw, but I am stuck:


I want to give it another split so I can extrude 3 claws without having to add a whole new loopcut, but when I cut it with the knife tool..


I end up with two ngons, one at the bottom and one up where the cut ends, is there any other way than to make a loopcut for everything?


Tap K to use the knife tool.
Click 2 or more lines, then Enter to complete your cut.

If you end up w/ unwanted n-gons, do the same operation, but cut across diagonal corners.

Another method is tap Alt-P to poke faces.

Alternatively, use the triangulate modifier.


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