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I would like my render result to encompass all of the objects that I have created... I cant seem to get it to render anything at all! Also, I have UV unwrapped my shirt, and the texture shows up in texture mode, but not in render. Also, the physics for the cloth material do not work.

I am new to blender and am very excited, but cant seem to get this working. Here is my blend file, any help is appreciated.



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You have a scene where things are huge. The room is more than 200 meters long, the TV is larger than a theater screeen, the chair will only be good for giants like the one in your scene...

Then, your camera is set to have a clipping point of 10cm to 100m. Any object that is closer or further away than than the clipping distance will be ignored.

enter image description here

Increase the clipping distance so that it can display objects in the distance.

enter image description here

But as a piece of unwanted advice: in Blender it is better to work in a scale that matches the real world. Physics, and other simulations, depth of field and lighting will behave differently depending on the scale.


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