Hello Mighty Stackexchange, I'm trying to subtract some cylinders (place for LED's) from an object. It looks like this before subtraction. Before Subtraction

But when done subtracting, I'm left with this. Info on modifier, Solver = BMesh, Overlap Threshold = 0.000001. After Subtraction

I'm kinda new to blender, I studied autoCAD in school, so blender isnt entirely new. But I'm still clueless on what is going wrong, I've searched but havent found anyone who encountered the same/similar problem.
I'd be happy to give more data/settings if required/asked.
Thanks in advance.


Using difference modifier on two objects doesn't always work

This one helped me reduce the problem so that I could manually finish the last. Thanks for the help. :)

Removing doubles and fixing the normals. More instructions at the link.


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