I have three geometries, two point geometries emit particles in a line, like a laser beam, and the third is a plane.

I could set the third, the mirror, to collide with the two particle streams. Now, I want to have that one of the two particles emitted from one of the two surfaces does not collide while the other particle stream does collide.

Can I set the collision on the mirror dependent on the particle emitter?

I have attached my attempt, which is difficult to see. What you see there are a blue beam a green beam and a red beam colinear on a semi transparent mirror. Here, I want to make the mirror reflecting only the red particle stream and passing though the both others.



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You can use Collision Groups to choose which Emitter will collide with which surface.

In this example I've created 3 Groups.

  1. Blue Emitter with blue Collision plane.
  2. Red Emitter with red Collision plane.
  3. Green Emitter with green Collision plane.


Last thing to do is to choose in respective Emitter under Particles tab > Physics section desired Group.



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