EDIT: Here's the project file:

I followed Blender Guru's tutorial for making an animated flag, and everything seemed like it was working fine. I even walked away from the render last night seeing each frame rendering with all the materials intact.

I wake up to this:

enter image description here

In 3D view, when I go to rendered shading mode, it looks correct:

enter image description here

But if I actually render it, the materials disappear:

enter image description here

Why is this??

I used the Import Images as Planes add-on for the flag texture, so I'm under the impression from the tutorial that UV mapping is not necessary, but anyway, the regular glossy textures of the metal flagpole and Suzanne head are also disappearing.

I googled and searched, but this doesn't seem to be the same as any problem I've seen anyone else post about. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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