I'm trying to match up the perspective of a camera to a background image. The purpose is to render furniture to composite into the image. Does anyone know of a good way to line up the plane so it the same perspective as the floor? I've already set the blender camera to be the same focal length. I know if I mess with the position and angle long enough I will get it but any ideas on how to speed up the process up would be much appreciated.


perspective image match example

Blender File if you'd like to try it yourself


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The reason you're having trouble is that your photo camera wasn't straight. I can tell because the far corner isn't perfectly vertical. It's VERY easy to fix this particular image:

  1. go to the Camera view
  2. Hit 'R' (Rotate)
  3. Type -4.2

Pretty darn close when you move it back to the corner. You can tweak it a little either direction to make it more exact. Caveat is that I had to guess a bit because that gray floor was in the way since I just downloaded your example image.

enter image description here


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