I've rigged everything fine, it looks good, it feels good, everything is good. The rig works, but when I try to use the rig, the right side of the rig doesn't work. enter image description here

and when I try to use the left side....

enter image description here

Everything is good! I still had the mirror modifier so I thought that was the problem, but I've applied it and nothing still works. Can you help me out?


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Several conditions have to be fulfilled to make automatic vertex group weight mirroring work:

  • bone names are correctly formatted, usually suffixed by .L or .R, respectively.

  • vertex groups for both sides exist on your mesh - these may be empty, but must exist for the mirrored side too. First LMB LMB select the mesh, ⇧ ShiftLMB LMB select the armature > ⎈ CtrlP > Armature Deform > With Empty Groups.

  • vertex groups must be enabled on the Mirror modifier, but they already are by default

  • make sure the mirror modifier comes before the armature modifier


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