OSL has the texture command that we can use to load image files and map in an object. Dfelinto made a nice video about it some years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5N2rnFtSlw

We also have many samples of it in the source of blender: https://github.com/dfelinto/blender/blob/master/intern/cycles/kernel/shaders/node_image_texture.osl

But how we can load using OSL an blender's internal image? Some created inside it or already loaded using the uv/image editor?


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If I understand the question right. The internal images are values that are generated from coardinates and do not realy exist. You should be able to call the existing method eather direct or indirect.

If that don't worke for you all of the math to generate them isn't that hard to find on the internet.


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