I'd like to create procedural rocks and so I checked out some tutorial videos. The techniques should be similar, so I also checked out 3ds max tutorials.

This one caught my attention:

3dsmax Environment Modeling #1 Procedural Stone

It basically uses a displacement modifier, creates a Voronoi diagram and applies a spherical mapping to the model. These steps look like this:

enter image description here


Does anyone know if Blender has a mapping option for the displacement modifier? I can't find it. Or does anyone know a similar or better approach to create that kind of rocks in Blender?


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Start with a simple cube, add Subdivision Surface to produce enough geometry for decent displacing (you can add another one after Displace modifier for more smoothing).

Add Displace modifier, press New button, go into texture tab and select Voronoi texture.

In Displace modifier settings there are some options for texture coordinates: UV, Local, Global, Object. There is no usual coordinates offset as in materials, so you need to bind texture to some object. Thus location, rotation and scale of this object will affect texture.

"Wire sphere" around the rock is Empty, which is controlling texture: enter image description here


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