I want to add three different audio clips to same character's mouth using bake sound to f curve. But I am able to add only one sound clip. when i try to add second clip, it replaces the first one. Please help me.


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Bake to custom properties to drive from.

As an example I've made 3 custom properties on the default cube. Add a keyframe and bake to sound for each.

enter image description here

Image. Baked prop, added keyframe to prop2.

Now let's say we want to drive the cube's x location by these props.

Add a driver to the location.x field. Hover over with mouse, right click, add drivers > manually create later single. Put the graph editor in Drivers mode, select the location.x driver, hit N and choose drivers tab.

enter image description here

with scripted expression chosen (default) and the "use self" option checked, can type (or paste) in an expression, where self is the Cube object, adnd self["prop"] is the value of baked property "prop".

The following sums the three.

self["prop"] + self["prop1"] + self["prop2]"

or another way using sum

sum([self["prop"], self["prop1"], self["prop2]"])    


sum([self["prop"], self["prop1"], self["prop2]"]) / 3

the maximum.

max([self["prop"], self["prop1"], self["prop2]"])

Or if you cannot add the properties to what you are animating, can set up the drivers the old fashioned way with variables. Add a single property type variable for each, select the Cube as the target object and the datapath is ["prop"] for "prop"

enter image description here

The expression uses the variable names, I've used p0 , p1, p2. Similarly to above, the sum would be.

sum([p0, p1, p2])

or by choosing 'SUM' as the driver type.


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