I have made a sphere with multiple levels of noise to create a unique map. What is the best way to then export this as a flat image to edit in photoshop. The goal is to further create height, texture and colour. Then bring back in to Blender and apply the changes to the sphere.

enter image description here


Create a default plane (2x2 BU), assign your material; in object mode, material tab, click on the number near the material name to create a copy of it, delete the diffuse shader and put an emission shader instead, take the displacer input and put it on the color input; select the camera, Alt G, Alt R, to reset its trasform values, move it up in z axis a little, set it to orthographic mode, orthographic scale 2 and 2048 x 2048 dimension (or whatever you need).

F12 with no lights.

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