I'm searching for technique to make realistic hairs in blender internal without using particle system.

I found this trick enter image description here

enter image description here But is there any way to do this in blender?

Any answer will be appreciated


This technique is called poly-hair.

There are a couple of different approaches but these are the basic steps:

1) Render/download a hair patch

Create and render out a hair patch created with the particle system. Bake a normal map for extra detail in your render as well.

Make a couple of them so you get some variation.

2) The patches

Model a couple of hair patches and UV un-wrap them to match your rendered hair patches.

3) Placement

This step will take the most time if you want a realistic result. Place and edit each strand individually. Layer them on top of each other, make them blend well, ...

This image might help this explanation. enter image description here

Look on youtube and google for more detailed steps and info on the shading.


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