Sorry, if it has been asked before, however, I tried my best to search on the forum but was unable to find the right solution.

I am new to Blender and 3D art so please forgive me if I am short of the right tech word or the terminologies.

So, I have created an embossed Harley Davidson Badge mesh (in a ZY plane)and want to apply on the gas tank and I am literally struggling "How to" do it without distorting the badge details.

Blender File: Please find the dropbox link in the comment as the system is not allowing me to share the file since I need 10 reputations to post more than 2 links.

Side View

Top View

Really appreciate your help.

Thank you!


Here I show how you can try using a curve deform:

enter image description here

you see three objects selected:

  • a curve, converted from a tank profile strip of edges
  • the original logo mesh (aside)
  • the logo mesh deformed by the curve

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