I'm really new to Blender and for my next project I need to create a cone with curved edges. I've searched online and messed around with Blender but I can't find a way. What could I try?


Sorry I wasn't clear, what I mean is something like this :



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Two simple ways to achieve this:

  1. Either Create a regular mesh cone, subdivide lateral edges with W+ > Subdivide, then and scale them horizontally using Proportional Edit with S, Shift+Z, or

  2. Draw a bezier curve object outlining your cone silhouette, then add a Screw modifier to it. This method can also wor if you draw said silhouette with a string of mesh edges.


  • Add a cone and enter edit mode tab .

  • Use loop select to select the bottom edge.

  • Now hit ctrl + b and move the cursor up, this will create a bevel.

  • Use the mouse scroll buttom to increase the lines.

See the image below:

enter image description here


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