I am working on a project to shoot out fire and want to have it start as liquid then go to flame. I couldn't figure that out so I decided to have two particle systems, one for each material.

I can get the flames to show, but can't see the liquid particles, no matter what I try. I have a dupli object, materials applied etc, but only the fire shows in the view port and render.

How can I get the other material, set to a diffuse black for now bc I was worried that the glass/water effect was hiding it.

two particle systems

Here's the blend file:


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Okay, stupid me!

On further exploration and clicking on everything I could find, I opened the object properties tab/Cycles settings.

Ray Visibility for Camera was unchecked for some reason. I don't remember clicking it but obviously I must have.

I found it through @tacofisher answer here: Particles not showing up in cycles render

Check it on and suddenly the particles show up![]1


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