I am using an add-on called hexblender, which has some buttons that are useful for making meshes for finite-element models. I would like to assign one of the button's python commands to mouse button 4.

When I hover over the button, it says:

Python: bpy.ops.hexblender.adjust_nodes_linear()

When I run the command from the command line, it does the right thing. Is there a way to assign this command to mouse button 4? I can assign other things to mouse button 4 but I cannot figure this out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

  1. open User Preferences -> Input
  2. open some category and click Add New button
  3. insert hexblender.adjust_nodes_linear into the input field
  4. assign some keyboard shortcut
  5. test the keyboard shortcut and if it works, use the X-Mouse Button Control application to set your mouse button action to trigger your keyboard shortcut
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