I found this Curiosity rover from NASA, which is actually animated and is in blender format. I want to use this rover in my personal student showreel. That's the reason I want it to export, along with textures and animation to Maya for lighting and render passes kind of stuff.

I tried doing export, in FBX, but in Maya when I opened it. The result outputs something like this:

nasty export

Is there any step I'm missing? Am I not exporting the animation properly?

I tried researching on the internet about this, but the only thing I found was opposite of it (Maya to Blender). The nearest question I found is How to transfer rigged model from Blender to Maya?. Even if it is about rigging, it says rigs can't be exported to Maya. In that case, can I bake the animation and export?

I have found similar post on Reddit. But it's unclear how to do it. FBX file exported from blender doesn't show up in MAX's import dialog.


If everything fails, can I export stationary model (with texture) to Maya?


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