Friendly greetings !

So, i'm kind of a beginner in blender. Used it for many many year (since before v1.0) but on an extremely irregular basis. (a few times a year)

When cycle came out i assumed that every light should be an object with an emissive shader. Make sense, right ?

Now i realize it's actually :

  • possible
  • may not be totally stupid

... to use a "light" object (point, sun, spot, hemi, area). Or is it ?

What are the pro and con of using a light object when using cycle ? when/why do you use it if you do ?

  • rendering speed ?
  • temporary placeholder ?
  • debugging lightning ?
  • firefly/noise ?
  • easier "light modeling" ? (eg : spot shape (blend/size))
  • accuracy/realism ?

Thank you <3



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