I'm learning to use the game engine and I don't know why a mesh change its shape when I press P key.

This happened when I subdivided the red mesh. I subdivided it because I want the ball collide the red wall but I don't want a rigid wall, I want a soft wall.

enter image description here enter image description here

Here is the file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/28811 (The ball moves with left and right arrows)

Thank you!


This is because you modified the mesh in some way after changing the physics Type. To fix, just simply apply the scale on the object, you can quickly do this with CtrlA > Scale or from the 3d view header choose Object > Apply > Scale.


You can apply the object mode transforms directly to the mesh data with CtrlA (see How to apply transformations directly on mesh data?).

The Apply Transformation button in the rigid body tools panel applies any 3D view rigid body transformations to the object. For example, if you use rigid body physics (in the 3D view, not the game engine) to drop an object to the ground, then you can set that to be the initial state of the object by pressing that button (or CtrlA>Visual Transform).


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