I seem to have the opposite problem to others:

I created an object (cuboid).
Mapped an image (png) as texture (mapping=repeat, coord=generated, proj=cube).

Now I make multiple copies of my object (arrays), the problem is that the texture repeats as if the whole array was mapped by a repeated pattern of my image in world coordinates.

Instead, I would like the image to map each copy of the object in the arrays in its local coordinates, i.e. I want to see the same image on each copy of the object.

Any help appreciated.

Here are the viewport and render screenshots:

Viewport and render

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    $\begingroup$ For this you will probably have to unwrap your mesh or drop the array and just use independent objects. $\endgroup$ Sep 11, 2017 at 0:52

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In the texture properties, you will find an Image Mapping panel as well as a Mapping panel. In the Mapping panel, you want to select UV as the coordinates value.

mapping coordinates

You can then get better results by properly UV unwrapping your object to control which part of the image is used.


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