A noob to this. The goal is to export to an FBX file so that it can be converted to a WT3 file that can be used by Wikitude. I'm using Blender and was able to figure out how to apply a texture and material to the can. Then, the model is exported as an FBX file using Blender. However, I have two problems: 1. The top of the can is transparent and 2. The material (can print) isn't exported.

Any help and/or direction would be much appreciated.

Original Model: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-3ds-model-simpsons-duff-beer--/587372

Screenshot of what's happening: enter image description here Left: Blender showing that the material has been applied and that the top of the can is solid.

Right: Using Autodesk FBS Review to view the FBX file. Note that there's no Duff label and that the top of the can is either transparent or not solid.

Blender file:

Note: There are many questions and answers saying that FBX files should only contain the model and not include textures. However, the Wikitude 3D Encoder requires everything in an FBX file. Hence, the challenge that I'm having here. I might be misunderstanding the workflow in which case, please let me know.

Any help that I can get with both or either dilemma would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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