I wanted to make this edges that defining the gaps between the screen and the phone body or even the body from the side of it. Should I make them 2 objects or can I make it in other way?

enter image description here

enter image description here


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If you want to stay with only one object:

Use bevel tool and extrusion

In Edit mode, after selecting all the edge where your tiny gap will apear, press Ctrl+B you will separate your edge in two edges, you can set the distance between them by moving your mouse or after that using the Amout value in the Bevel menu on the Left of the 3D view.

After that simply extrude the newly created face with E inside your mesh.

If you want to separate your mesh to work withtwo objects :


Select all the upper part of the phone and press P and select 'Selection'. You will need to do some scale modification to your object.


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