I am new to all 3D graphics and I am not sure If this is the correct place for this question. Kindly refer me to the correct place if I am wrong.

I want to automate a reverse action to photogrametry, that is, take a 3D '.obj'\'.ply' file and produce multiple images of it covering many directions. I need to take ~200 images per ~10 objects so I would much like not to manually capture the images. Is there a solution?

Again sorry if this is not the correct forum.

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    $\begingroup$ so you want to take a 3D object in blender and render out about 200 different views of it? Yes that is very possible. $\endgroup$
    – David
    Sep 4 '17 at 12:24

Create a camera animation orbiting around your object:

How can I animate the camera in a perfect circular rotation around a fixed position?

You can also easily vary the height of the camera when it has TrackTo constraint. This animation should have as many frames as you want images.

Render this animation (CtrlF12) as image frames: Output options, see Workflow > Frame Sequence


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