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Is there a way to select all the polygons within a mesh having a size similar to a given one.

The idea was to have an automatic selection of all the polygons within a range of size similar to one you select.

I think it could be done by scripting something using polygon.select and polygon.area, but I have no idea how to start.

I am not a coder but if someone gave me good indications and it is not going to be particularly difficult I could try to make a script.

Thanks in advance!


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In Edit mode, press CTRL + TAB and click Faces. Select the face you want and press Shift + G (Select similar menu) and click Area in the menu :

Select similar menu

In the opertor property panel (press T to make the Tool shelf visible), increase or decrease the Threashold :

operator property panel


Try to use the following menu:

enter image description here

Select your required polygon, go to Select -> Select similar -> Area

Best of luck!


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