I made a very basic human body mesh and want to make my very first character animation with it. I rigged the model and when I made the rig the parent of the mesh I chose the option to apply automatic weights. When I move the head and legs in Pose Mode I am pretty happy with which parts of the Mesh are affected. But the arms are a desaster: I modelled them stretched out and when I try to bring them down in Pose Mode there is too much going on in the chest area, when I move the lower part of the arm the area around the "elbow" the "flesh/skin" is twisted; same is true for the hands and wrists. So I tried to adjust weights in Weight Painting Mode around these bones (and also tried to remove Faces from the Vertex Groups) but then I ended up getting this:

Weight is too low

The problem I think is that I cannot subtract weight in small amounts, I can choose my brush to be just 10px but it will always be a very huge area (like a whole vertex) be selected while painting. Can that be more fine-tunded somehow? I ended up selecting my Mesh and applying weight from bones again. What can I do to not have twisted "flesh/skin" and to have the right (fine) amount of weight in the chest area influenced by the upper arm bones? This is my blend file.


You can subtract weight in small amounts, but it will still affect a large area, because the weight is per-vertex.

To change how much you add/subtract/etc., change the Strength slider in the left (T) panel.

As for exactly how much weight you need, I can't help you there. (:

(With your particular model, it's so low-poly I might just tweak the weights manually, from the Vertex Weights section in the right (N) panel.)

  • $\begingroup$ Ah ok I could have concluded that .. that the weight painting is of course vertex-wise. Thanks.. Ok and because my model is that lowpoly, .. now it makes sense :-) Vertices will not bend ^^ I think I'll try to make it a bit less lowpoly and give it another shot, maybe also by assigning the weight vertex-wise in properties panel .. $\endgroup$ – ho.s Aug 31 '17 at 7:58
  • $\begingroup$ Glad I could help, good luck! $\endgroup$ – SilverWolf Aug 31 '17 at 12:30
  • $\begingroup$ For future (also bloody beginner) readers of my post: To achieve the less low poly mesh and add more vertices to do a more finetuned weight painting/assigning I added and applied a Subdivision Surface Modifier to my model .. Now I still have to figure out which weights / distribution of weights around bone are best to have a smooth loooking skin which does so twist or fold $\endgroup$ – ho.s Aug 31 '17 at 12:44
  • $\begingroup$ Yeah, that's the hard part. (: $\endgroup$ – SilverWolf Aug 31 '17 at 13:14
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ BTW, if you just want a human model, there's a great tool called MakeHuman that allows you to create a (fully rigged) human model just by tweaking sliders! $\endgroup$ – SilverWolf Aug 31 '17 at 13:16

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