I want to use Blender to generate a dataset of videos. As a basis I want to use ShapeNet.

When importing the .obj file, blender also correctly loads all the materials from the .mtl file. By that I mean that they are listed in the material tab of the properties window. But for some objects the materials are not correctly applied to the surfaces.

Example: The object with the ID 3dw.e480a15c22ee438753388b7ae6bc11aa should look like this:

preview of 3dw.e480a15c22ee438753388b7ae6bc11aa on the shapenet website

However, if I just import the file in blender, the rendering will look something like that:

rendered image

So, the colors of the knobs work, also the textures of the pillows, but the rest of the colors don't.

What seems strange to me is, that I cannot select the different faces and color them myself in blender. Also, if I move the main part of the bed, a frame of lines will remain there. Maybe this has something to do with the problem:

enter image description here

Similar problems occur for many objects. For example 3dw.b1696ffd98c753ccea88a0a7eb1222bb. There, the problem with the frame of lines does not occur and I can color the airplane afterwards, but it somehow does not load the materials when imported.

How can it be, that it works for some objects but for others it doesn't?

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    $\begingroup$ Possible duplicate of .fbx export why there are no materials or textures? $\endgroup$ – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Aug 27 '17 at 12:02
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    $\begingroup$ I don't think so. I did not export the model but start with an .obj and a .mtl file. The materials are all listed in the materials tab of the properties window, they are just not applied to the faces they ought to be. $\endgroup$ – McLawrence Aug 27 '17 at 12:06

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