Whenever i import a .obj file into blender, it gets placed as a orange dot. When i press numpad period, i see the object but i can't find the grid anymore? I tried to move the camera to the orange dot but it didn't visible. I also tried to scale the object, nothing happend...

I would like to get the object on the middle of the screen. (where the cube is at the beginning)

Thank you for your reply!

regards, Jonas

  • $\begingroup$ with it selected press Alt + G. $\endgroup$ – David Aug 25 '17 at 12:51

As far as I know, OBJs are imported relative to their own coordinate systems. So try to set it to (0,0,0) in its own environment before exporting.

Another aproach would be to hit Shift+S > Cursor To Center, and after that Shift+S > Selection To Cursor – after that, your object is centered.

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