I'm making an animation in Cycles and need an object to fade out from point A to B. I've already key framed the movement for it but I need to know how I can make it fade out?

The node setup for the my material is below.

I have seen this asked on here before but I'm not having success with their answers.

node setup

  1. Add a Mix shader connected to

    • your material
    • a 100% white Transparent BSDF shader
  2. Then keyframe the Mix factor ("Fac:"):

    • set it to 0.00 when you want the fading effect to start. Then, having your pointer over the value input, hit I (the box becomes yellow)

    • then move to the frame where you want the fading out effect to be completed. Set the value to 1.00 and hit I again.

enter image description here

If you want to make the "Fac:" dependent on the distance from another object (an Empty representing point "B"), you can use drivers as in the answer to this question: Cycles Node to tell Distance from an Empty


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