I'm looking into the feasibility of creating a script able to export a blender animation to a JSON to be used by 2D Spine animation software.

This would be based on Blender-JSON-Exporter.

The question is: is it possible to calculate the length and angle of a bone relative to a viewport?

In other works I would like to project the blender 3D animation to a 2D plane aligned to a given camera. The relative angle and length of each bone would then be used to generate a Spine JSON animation file which would replicate the blender animation in a Spine environment.

One use-case in is to use blender to generate spine animations that require a 3-dimensional perspective, e.g. a walk-cycle from a front-perspective.

This seems to me a moonshot to be honest but I though I would ask just in case.

If feasible I'd love to crate a plugin as I think there may be few other people that would enjoy this ability in Spine.

Thanks in advance.


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