I'm using a shortcut for the Jump to previous/next keyframe function, but when the scene's Grease Pencil is visible, Grease Pencil's keyframes are also in the timeline.

It interferes in jumping between keyframes of an object I am animating.

When I turn off Grease Pencil, the keyframe markers disappear. I can jump to only my object's keyframes again, but I lose the scene's Grease Pencil in the viewport.

So, I want to see the scene's Grease Pencil in the viewport but not see it's keyframes in the timeline.

Are there options to enable this?


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By default blender 2.8 doesnt show greasepencil keyframes in the timeline viewer.

I found out in this post that the keyframes a bit iffy on greasepencil in 2.8 but if you want to see them use the dopesheet instead of the timeline as the keyframe viewer. You can use up/down arrow keys to navigate between keyframes there.

You can do a dual split to have both dopesheets or a dopesheet/timeline to see both.

  • If your selected on a GreasePencil object... up/down will go through GP keyframes

  • If selected on a regular dopesheet object (e.g. mesh , curve etc...) up/down will go through normal frames.

enter image description here


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