I'm working on a project for a friend and I am trying to get something to glow over time with simple keyframes. At the moment I am placing a keyframe of nothing different, then I'm moving the timeline cursor to the place I want it, then adding an Emission Material to it and placing a keyframe down. I don't understand what the problem is so if someone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.


Only properties can be keyframed

The action of "adding an emission shader" cannot be keyframed. That in not being recorded on the timeline.

When you add a node to a nodetree, that would be there for the whole scene. You can instead keyframe the factor of a mix shader ruling the shading of an object, for example between a transparent shader (so the object will be invisible) and an emission:

enter image description here

An alternative could be to animate the renderability of your glowing object by keyframing the little icon in the outliner. It depends on your project needs.

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    $\begingroup$ Replace the Transparent BSDF with what you want the material of the object's non-glowing state to be. Additionally you can just use an Emission node by itself and keyframe the Strength value from 0 to whatever level of "glowing" you'd like. $\endgroup$ – RobotUnderscore Aug 2 '17 at 2:21

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