I'm working on a scene that, currently, is much more convenient when the view is.. not the correct perspective.

There's a word for this, but I have no idea how to phrase it and my tries to look it up has all come up with weird results. (usually directions on how to make your view point from a certain direction)

This has probably already been answered here, so please bear with me; I just cannot find anything that has to do with the problem I'm having.

I drew a photo to make it easy: (excuse my crappy mouse-drawing skills)

dumb drawing


And I know this is definitely not what you guys would want, but do you mind upvoting? (is that what you call it?) I am 5 reputations away from being able to vote, and I would really like to do that. (No bad hidden means whatsoever; Just want to be able to contribute)


If this is what you're asking, you can switch from User Perspective to Orthographic by using the Numpad 5 key. The perspective type is given in the upper left hand corner of the 3D view.

The differences can be found here: What are the differences between Orthographic and Perspective views?

Essentially, Orthographic is a "non-real-world" view in which all dimensions have the same scale... i.e. objects that are farther away appear to be the same size as objects that are near-field.

enter image description here

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If you're looking to render in orthographic mode, you can just switch the camera from perspective projection to orthographic (a type of parallel projection) in the camera properties, under "Lens". Note that you'll probably need to reposition your camera afterward, as it will have changed your frustum.

camera settings dialog

If you only want to temporarily preview the scene that way, use numpad-5 as @bertmoog said.

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You can also do it manually in:

3D View header> View > View Persp/Ortho


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