I just started learning blender yesterday. In my model, there is an octagonal prism I created by changing the amount of vertices in a cylinder. I want it to be sideways, and have the flat part facing the ground. By default, it's skewed 22.5 degrees so that the edge is facing the ground. While the rectangle was still standing up, I turned it the appropriate amount of degrees. I then set the y rotation to 90 degrees so the cylinder is on its side. However, instead of lying on one of the faces, it is still on the same edge, but is at a different angle. This is because when I turned it, all of its axises turned with it, so nothing really changed. However, I want it to rotate on the global axises. I looked in the documentation, and it was for blender 2.4 and all the shortcuts are different now. What I am trying to accomplish is probably pretty common, so can anybody who knows what to do please help me with this? Thanks.

The one on the left is how it would show up if I only rotated y by 90 degrees, the right shows how I intend for it to look


Press R on your keyboard to rotate your object. You can choose a specific rotation, you can presss either X, Y, or Z. On your keyboard. Then simply type any number to change the rotation. In this case, press R and then X on your keyboard to change the sideways rotation.

(The next time you post a question, make sure to research it before you post your question.)

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  • $\begingroup$ I did do research, and I read those shortcuts. They didn't mention pressing "r" first. Thanks for answering $\endgroup$ – Philip KP Jul 29 '17 at 17:01

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