I'm working on a build-up animation. See images. All the balls and cylinders have to follow a global equilateral triangle grid. But I don't have this grid and the result is not precise, it doesn't fit. My best solution would be to make a perfect equilateral triangle solid (4 equal faces - 3 verts each). But I can't find such a primitive in Blender, even in the extra objects add-on. Can someone help me out, how to build this solid, so I can replicate it further and make myself a 3D grid from it? Or maybe there is a clever way to make a grid like this directly, something I can snap to?

Ok. I got a "perfect" tetrahedron thanks to Grimm. But it is not perfect. I began making a grid, see 3rd image. But it is inaccurate. It doesn't fit. I need a perfect grid. Somebody knows how to achieve a perfect tetrahedron grid? Maybe there is a script somewhere that does it? All ideas welcome.

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You could create such a triangle by adding Mesh -> Math Function -> Regular Solid and selecting there Tetrahedron.

I played around with array modifiers and it looks like what you probably wanted.

tetrahedron grid


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