I duplicated (using Shift+d) and created 3 arrows from an arrow(This had a purple color). In Blender, the three new arrows have different colors, but when I export these objects to fbx format and use them in Unity, they still show with the parent's purple color.

Blender to the left and unity to the right

Tried the following

  1. tried un-linking the objects by pressing U and selecting Object & Data & Materials + Tex.
  2. Verified that there is no link by going into the mesh tab for the object. (Saw that if there is a "2" beside the "F", it means that it is linked)

Mesh tab

  1. Created different materials for each of the arrows.
  2. Verified online that the exported object has the purple color and not Unity issue.

I might be missing something trivial, but I was stuck here for the past 30 minutes.


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