So I'm trying to morph between three objects: Object A, Object B, Object C. Object is a UV sphere while B and C are meshes created from text. The animation is supposed to start from sphere to Object B. So I've applied keyed physics on Object B which starts from the sphere to Object B. The second morph is from object B to C so I've applied keyed physics on C so that as B disappears C appears from C. The issue B is not seen since it immediately starts morphing to C. Changing the lifetime of the particles doesn't work because it also affects the duration of movement from A to C. When I tried to use the timing settings in the keyed panel, it doesn't affect the remesh modifier on the text. Both object B and C have the explode modifier so that text breaks nicely as they morph. Is there any way to add duration to object so that object stays for a while before it starts breaking into C?

particles for B: start : 215 stop: 265 lifetime: 100

particles for C: start : 315 stop: 365 lifetime: 100

Modifiers for B: Remesh, explode (alive checked) Modifiers for C: Remesh, explode (alive, dead checked)


So i figured out how to do it. The keyed physics has a checkbox marked use timing. Once that is checked to sliders are enabled. Adjusting the time slider sets how long the particles will move. By setting it to a value of around, the particles move for 40 frames leaving 60 frames for the display of the object. So in my situation. I had to set the time for object B and it worked. For a more detailed explanation check this tutorial.


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