Im new to Belnder and having troubles making a triangle with one angle being 90 degrees. I'm able to make a triangle but that's the existent of what I can do.

enter image description here

What I tried was making a normal triangle and attaching a cube to one side of it accomplishing what I want but this means I couldn't extend out side A (reference to image above) which is my goal.

Any other methods I should try?

End goal:

enter image description here

(but 3D)


If the second screenshot of your desired result is the side view of the future prism, then you can dissolve geometry of the cube.

Add a cube, in Edit mode choose Edge Select to select edges. Select one of the top edges of the cube. Press X > Dissolve Edges.



Once the edge is dissolved the mesh becomes a prism.




  1. Create a Plane.
  2. Go to Edit Mode.
  3. Select All - A.
  4. Press Ctrl+T - to Triangulate face.
  5. Delete one of the corner vertices.
  6. Select All again - A.
  7. E to Extrude Plane to 3D object.

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