Why do I have this line following my cursor?

enter image description here enter image description here


That's smooth stroke, it is intended to smooth out mouse/pen movement, you might have heard of it under a different name: lazy mouse.

Imagine it as tough your cursor is pulling the actual brush.

To disable go into sculpt mode -> tools -> stroke -> disable smooth stroke.


In Blender 2.82+ it´s under Stroke > Stabilize Stroke. You need to disable the option in the red circle.

stroke blender 2.82a

Link to the docs :

Stabilize Stroke makes the stroke lag behind the cursor and applies a smoothed curve to the path of the cursor. This can be enabled temporary by holding Shift-S while painting or permanently by clicking the checkbox found in the header.


Sets the minimum distance from the last point before stroke continues. 


Sets the amount of smoothing.

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