Are you able to reuse an animation on a certain rig for one character to another identical rig corresponding to a different character/model? I want to know because I want to practice animating a lower value model until I am ready to work on my characters. Then, I want to reuse those animations on the characters' rigs.



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Yes, but you have to make sure that the objects (rigs) are identical.

The Action Editor

Either open up a Dope Sheet window or change to the Animation Screen layout.

enter image description here

Change to the Action Editor in the dropdown menu where it likely currently says Dope Sheet.

enter image description here --> enter image description here

If you select the rig that you already have animated, it will probably display something like ArmatureAction where it says + New in the above screenshot. If you select the unanimated armature, you can select ArmatureAction from the dropdown menu to the left of + New.

The Process:

enter image description here

This can work for any number and any type of object. For example, if I have a cube keyframed for X-Location and X-Rotation, I can use the same method to copy its movements to a nearby cone and cylinder.

Extended uses:

enter image description here

The demo .blend:

Hope this helps; feel free to ask questions!

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