Based on the lists of inputs for bl_space_type and bl_region_types I'm assuming there is a set of special strings that you can input for bl_context correct? When I look at the doc I see

TODO: explain the possible combinations bl_context/bl_region_type/bl_space_type)

EDIT: The Todo has since been removed and the options are documented.

  • $\begingroup$ where in the UI or python type space is "bl_space_type" and "bl_region_types" ? $\endgroup$
    – Mutant Bob
    Jul 3, 2017 at 17:51
  • $\begingroup$ ''bl_space_type'' and ''bl_region_types'' are keys that allow you to define the context of new UI panels in the BPY. $\endgroup$
    – Frederick
    Jul 30, 2019 at 2:01

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Op here I found the answer here at the bottom of this Blender3D Noob to Pro, right after I posted this question. I guess I should of done a tiny bit more research haha.

bl_context "mesh_edit", "curve_edit", "surface_edit", "text_edit", "armature_edit", "mball_edit", "lattice_edit", "posemode", "sculpt_mode", "weightpaint", "vertexpaint", "imagepaint", "particlemode", "objectmode"


After spending a bit trying to find an updated list I had to peek into the source code to find an answer.

This link should show the currently updated list: https://github.com/blender/blender/search?q=data_mode_strings

As of 2022 the list is:

[   "mesh_edit",           "curve_edit",          "surface_edit",        "text_edit",
    "armature_edit",       "mball_edit",          "lattice_edit",        "posemode",
    "sculpt_mode",         "weightpaint",         "vertexpaint",         "imagepaint",
    "particlemode",        "objectmode",          "greasepencil_paint",  "greasepencil_edit",
    "greasepencil_sculpt", "greasepencil_weight", "greasepencil_vertex"]

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