I know this question had already been asked.

The normal brush in sculpt mode on Blender doesn't work

But that didn't help.

It's my first blender model, but i already sculpted the body, boots, gloves and other stuff without problems.

Here's the mesh+topology I try to sculpt enter image description here

After switching to sculpt mode it looks like this, with a multi-res of 2 enter image description here However, if i try to sculpt it, no matter what brush, nothing happens. Even with strength at 1.0 using the flatten tool, or using the Mask tool.

Applying a solodify didn't help. Neither did deleting the multi res, duplicating the mesh and reapplying the multi-res. Nor using subdivision first and then a multi-res.

I tried using Alt+C "Mesh from Curve/..." and still no success with sculpting.

After enableing dynotopo and trying to sculpt, a switch back to edit-mode showed new vertices. But no changes to the actual 3D form in Sculpt/obejct/edit mode. Only new vertices.

I always tried both my wacom tablet and my mouse.

I can still sculpt the character, boots and other stuff (hidden, but listed in the outliner) in the same Scene. These are created from a cube and not planes though.

What am I doing wrong? It should be possible to sculpt from a plane, I looked it up in tutorials and such.


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I seem to have figured it out myself.

In object mode i applied rotation & scale with Ctrl+A.

afterwards it worked fine, sorry for troubeling you guys


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