First off I'll let you know I'm a total noob at blender I've used 3ds Max up until this point, but the company I'm working for at the moment needs me to use blender so I'm trying to make the transition over.

Literally all I'm making at the moment is a simple book and cannot understand how the bevel tool isn't working similar to how the chamfer tool would in 3ds Max.

I want a nice curved edge for the spine of the book however when I press control + B and try to bevel it bevels the edge unevenly with the new bevel pushing forward.


Is there a way I can get it to bevel evenly like it does in Max? img


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Your object has been scaled in object mode but the transformation has not been applied, so your mesh has a non-uniform scale that will prevent you from doing a clean bevel the way you want it.

Exit Edit mode (Tab) and press CtrlA and apply the scale (you can also use the menu: Object>Apply>Scale).

Back in edit mode the bevel should work evenly centered on the edge...

enter image description here


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