I am trying to get a camera to follow a point in the X,Y,Z plane. It worked yesterday, but I can't get it to work today.

I was able to follow the Book Tutorial, where he shows the setup steps: Add: (i) Camera, (ii) Empty [Camtrack], and (iii) [Ctl T] Track to Constraint. No matter what I try today, the camera will not follow the Camtrack point?

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. WFR

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Track To Constraint

In order to use Track To Constraint, follow these steps:

  1. Add your camera
  2. Add the empty
  3. Select the camera, then hold down SHIFT and select the empty -- this will make both the camera and the empty selected at the same time. You can tell if they are both selected because they should both be highlighted at the same time
    NOTE: The order you select these in is very important: first select the camera, then hold down SHIFT while selecting the empty
  4. Then press CTRLT -> Track To Constraint
    Here is a demonstration:

    enter image description here

Here is a second, alternative method you can use once you have added your camera and the empty:

  1. Select the camera
  2. In the Object Properties panel, under the Constraints tab, set Target to the empty, as shown here:

    enter image description here


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