I'm not quite sure how I should do those 3 blue speckles on my character's head.

First I thought creating some kind of black and white stencil and paint over it, but I'm afraid that would leave the edges of the blue circles jagged(?)

How would you guys texture the head?

I'm using Cycles.

enter image description here


You may create a procedural b&w mask and use it as a factor for mixing different shaders. It requires some experimenting to do it right but give you the full control over the dots' shape and sharpness. You may also create a b&w mask via Texture Paint mode.
enter image description here


    Set up the material nodes as pictured below. Set up the texture coordinates to Object and play with the Mapping node settings to place the dot where you want. Set the Gradient Texture's mode to Quadratic Sphere. Use Color Ramp node to set its blurriness. enter image description here

    Now duplicate the nodes with Shift+D and mix them using MixRGB color node (Multiply). enter image description here

    Play with the settings of the duplicated Mapping node to place the dot on the top part/other side of the object.
    enter image description here

    By repeating the process you'll get a b&w mask for mixing the two shaders. enter image description here


    Unwrap the sphere (I marked a seam along the vertical edge loop and then unwrapped). Go to Texture Paint mode and add a new Diffuse Color paint slot. Set the image color to pure white. In painting tools set the brush color to black and set the curve's type to line e.g. In Options bookmark uncheck the Occlude, Cull and Normal checkboxes to paint through the mesh. Paint the dots and save your image. Use it as a mask as in the procedural example above. enter image description here

Here's the .blend:



You can do it with procedural material. It will give you full control over circle placement and size.


Overview and Node Setup:

Material is really simple, tricky part is circle placement.

  1. This method will work with Texture Coordinates > Object. If you want to use Generated or UV Map, then values in mapping nodes will change.
  2. In Mapping Nodes Location X value should always be the same as in Scale X, Y, Z but positive. Loc: 2, Scale: 2, 2, 2. Loc: -2, Scale: 2, 2, 2.
  3. Middle Circle is on the other side of the Sphere so it's height is controlled differently then others. By X axis.
  4. ColorRamp > Constant will give you hard edges. If you want to smooth them change to Ease or something else. Also White value control Circle size.


Blend file:

  1. Add three/four circles and align them with the headwear.
  2. Use Knife Project and assign a new material to the circles that appear on the headwear.
  3. Delete the circles you added when you're done.

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