There are different options out there of Ides to write integrated python blender scripts.

I'm a visual studio person and, even though there is no way to use it for that purpose, I was hoping with Visual Studio Code would be different.

I researched and I can use python there, of course, but I was wondering if I can use integrated with blender (intelisense, debugging, blender diagnostics)

please any new finding is welcome. I'm not expecting someone to have the full answers but I am hoping I can compile a soluiton and post here


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For Blender 2.8 Jacques Lucke started working on a new VS Code extension that offers the best integration I found so far between VS Code and Blender. You can find it on GitHub.

You can already create, start and debug Python scripts and addons from VS Code with it. Auto-complete is at the point of this writing missing but planned for the future.

Here is a nice video explaining the setup and how to work with it:



I can think of two approaches -

  • Remote debugging. Options exist for pycharm/eclipse that allow the IDE to remotely debug a script running within blender. I'm not certain if this approach can be adapted to work with VSCode.

  • Build blender as a module. This option allows you to install the blender binary as a normal python module that can run without a gui in a standard python instance, allowing the script to be debugged like any other script.


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