I have a fire on my scene and it goes upwards. I want it going in a horizontal direction. How can I achieve that? Changing Temperature Difference only flips direction in the vertical axis. Flame Domain settings Flow settings

  • $\begingroup$ Wind force field can help with this issue but it is still unknown if it possible to control flame direction by flame settings. $\endgroup$ Jun 12, 2017 at 9:47

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You can control flame direction by Normals from Mesh that is your Flow object. In this example I'm using Circle filled with Triangle fan.



As I said before, simple Circle. You can check where Normals direction will go in Edit Mode > Mesh Display tab > Normals.


Now in Flow settings you'll need to turn on Initial Velocity. Set Source to 0 and Normal to something higher then 0. This value will control the initial flame speed. By now flame will be rising but we can change it in Domain settings easily.



In Domain settings you will need to set Temp. Diff. to 0. This will make flame straight. Higher value = faster smoke rising.

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